A ESCALA 1:1000

The ambivalence caused by the immense wind fields strewn with mills is the starting point at which Eva Miquel presents this Series of works. In her naturalistic drawings of appearance and classic technique, the artist incorporates windmills, which, although being industrial and technogical elements, remain integrated into the natural environment, as if they were part of the vegetation or of nature itself. The beauty and harmony with which the artist represents them, makes them something inherent to that place, unquestionable forms, anchored on the horizon, that make up a contemporary landsape.
After working for years with photography, printmaking or video, Eva Miquel clings to pencil and paper with a meticulous poetic technique of black, white and grey.

Series ‘A Escala 1:1000’ | 2004 | Graphite on paper | 50 x 50 cm