This Series is a work that arises as a result of the pandemic. A time to travel within, a time to find yourself and nature, a difficult time to socialize and explore outside. This past year, I have spent a lot of time walking inland in the woods.

In Caminos para la introspección (Paths to introspection), a subjective gaze places the viewer within the landscape, placing him in his own experience and positioning him as the protagonist of the moment. Walks of pine, olive, bush, rosemary, thyme, fennel, dust and dry stone, manage to unfold our consciousness. One, inspects the inside, observes and investigates in an interior journey of unearthly sensation, while the other, blends in with the recognized landscape that intoxicates and fills him. Both at the same time, at the precise moment, evoke a strange symbiosis between being and the landscape, thus we understand that we are on a path to introspection.