Eva Miquel's disturbing gaze shows us in her drawings a black and white story from which she invites the public to build their own story. In these works, human landscapes full of drama and emotion, anything can happen. Eva Miquel is a landscape alchemist, a pencil charmer, a romantic lover of the quality of graphite, gray and black that reverberates on the solitude of blank paper. And as a good enchantress to her technique, she captures emotion by painting with a pencil.

The common thread of Eva Miquel's works is none other than the poetic gaze. And this poetry is reflected in her paintings and in the gaze of those who observe them, but behind the beauty, a deep regret of contemporary social drama is revealed. The emotion that unleashes the viewer is the result of this singular technique that the artist uses to pierce us with her bold, epic and brave proposal that nonetheless caresses the most absolute subtlety and sincerity.

A simple, classic, light language that, with a contemporary, photographic, poetic and disturbing approach, places us in some corner of our memory and our melancholic intimacy ... Any of us could be one of the characters in these landscapes. It is a meticulous work that requires silence, the same silence that her pieces transmit, of characters lost in the middle of the landscape, of magical and evocative atmospheres. Eva Miquel's artwork awakens a deep emotion, the emotion of great aesthetic pleasure, of coming into contact with the most essential beauty, the emotion of a silence that fills the nothing with meaning.