Entre la mirada y la distancia I (Between the gaze and the distance I), is a video-installation that consists of two videos projected facing each other, so that viewer cannot see them at the same time. The visitor is an active part of the installation and needs to be located in middle of the installation, to be able to watch and understand the two films. The only light in the exhibition room, is the one of the two projectors, which are placed on the ceiling to avoid shadows that could interfere. The images are large, life-size, and the vision of the projections starts at ground level. The content consists of two recordings from within the sea, looking towards the coast in one and towards the horizon in the other. The films are edited in the form of an infinite loop. The sound of the instalation was recorded live during the film.

Entre la mirada y la distancia I | 2006 | Video-installation | 130 x 160 cm