IROTAGRUP LE is an installation designed for a specific and particular space within a proposal based on the theme of TASTE. The PALMA XII gallery on the occasion of its fourth thematic season dedicated to the senses, chose the theme of taste and invited six artists to intervene individually in six restaurants.

.... a quick meal, standing at a bar, alone, or with a friend, informal, no matter the food, is an excuse for the meeting, .... an invitation in an intimate restaurant, a family dinner to celebrate ... it does not matter, a meal with the company ... an appointment with friends in an exquisite restaurant .....
...... around the act of eating we represent very different scenes ....

This installation in the EL PURGATORI restaurant talks about the scenes that take place around the act of eating, establishing a game of deception and always intentionally intervening in them. The proposal is an indiscreet look and an altered reflection of the scene that represents the own people who go to the restaurant for dinner. IROTAGRUP LE, is composed of four mirrors with four scenes printed on them, taken from the same place and from the same four tables where they are located, the reflection of the people dining at these tables coincides and is confused with the scenes represented in the mirrors, thus creating a game between reflected reality and represented reality.

IROTAGRUP LE | 1999 | Installation | Transparent plotter installed on mirror
Exhibition View: Purgatori Restaurant