The shadow is the representation, it is the theater itself in the sense of artifice, the shadow is deception, an appearance generated by the lack of light. This installation works with this representative and also ephemeral aspect. The world of cast shadows is a world of the second degree. In this scenario, the boundaries between the world of appearances and that of reality are blurred. I would like to pretend that shadows are the things themselves.

The installation consists of the video projection of a two-shadow action on a photographic image that reproduces the space of a room. The photograph printed on duratrans paper (it has the ability to be illuminated from behind) works as a projection screen and measures 180 cm wide by 130 cm high. The video is projected onto the photograph from behind, so that the viewer sees the photograph of a room, where two moving shadows walk and act. In addition, the light of the projection itself can give the viewer the possibility of interacting in this representation with their own shadow (as Chinese shadows). The installation wants to show a brief history of two shadows in a moment of intimacy. It is an attempt to give personality to two anonymous shades that could be anyone.

Sombras | 2002 | Rear projection of video on duratrans photographs | 180 x 130 cm
Exhibition view: Sombras | Espacio Tentaciones | Estampa | Madrid